Directoki lets you present a directory of data to the public and request and moderate suggested edits, additions and user reports. Open Source Open Community Data!

Directoki is an Open Source PHP/Symfony application that lets you present a directory of information to the public.

Members of the public can suggest edits, new entries or just send a report to you for consideration. All these are moderated.

There are tools to help with the biggest challenge; keeping records up to date. Collect emails from members of the public and prompt them about specific records they have edited before. A bot will check any web page links in your records and report any 404's. List oldest records for a volunteer to check. [Some of this is in progress]

You can define the fields you want from a list of types. So like a more structured wiki!

Have different content for different locales - so you can start asking users to translate your content! [In Progress]

Full history kept of all edits for safety. Have multiple Admins for a project who can leave private notes for each other about a particular record.

There is an HTTP API. There is also an internal API so that other Symfony apps can add this as a bundle and use it directly. And a web interface so users can browse data directly!

While this is already being used for real projects it is still beta software and version 1 has not been released yet. For more see the source code, post on the email/web forum or email us on hello at jmbtechnology dot co dot uk